Monday, June 15, 2009


Now that's a word that will scare many a pastor!!

It's difficult to be transparent in our world. There is so much pressure to be the perfect pastor. The perfect christian. Always making perfect decisions. Never doing anything wrong. Yeah, well, I'm thinking there was only one person who could reach those expectations and he was crucified on a cross a very long time ago!!

So as for the rest of us, transparency can help us in our ministry. As we learn to be transparent, we teach others around us to do the same. You see we are all striving for perfection. We all have issues we need to take care of, and when we lose the facade we put on to impress every one, this is when we truly begin to address our issues. You see being transparent means admitting your failures and ultimately walking in humility. Which lucky for us, eliminates pride (which causes all kinds of other problems!!).

So trying looking at transparency with the mindset of gaining humility and maybe it will help you be more willing to be transparent with those around you. Good luck!!

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