Saturday, July 12, 2008

Team Ministry

Today we attended class for Church Administration, Finance, and Law. (Sounds incredibly interesting doesn't it?) Our instructor, Bro. Tim Rickman, spent some time discussing staffing the church (which falls under Administration) and I had a revelation how blessed my husband and I are. The concept he was relating was how we as ministers should focus on our strengths, not our weaknesses. I quickly realized how blessed Patrick and I are because of the way God has shaped us in our ministry style.

During the years that God was training us, shaping and molding our viewpoint He did this for us individually. Patrick was involved in the boys program, a musician, audio/visual, Trustee, etc.... I was involved in youth ministries, vocal music, audio/visual (at a different time, and a different aspect), clerical, etc.... But when God was ready for us to step into His plan, we stepped together. This step was the beginning stages of our ministry style. Little did we know almost 20 years later we would be thriving on the principles God instilled in us.

From the beginning Patrick has been bi-vocational, I on the other had have only been bi-vocational for a short 4 years during the time we have been in ministry. Because of this we have always worked as a team. Today in class I realized what a huge blessing that was. Our instructor was emphasizing how disastrous it would be to have two ministers (for example, Sr. Pastor and Assoc. Pastor) with the same strengths at the same church. He explained how & why this would lead to constant conflict and both parties would end up frustrated.

He went on to explain how important it is for us as ministers to operate in our strengths and surround ourselves with people/staff that can take care of the areas we are weak in. Then there was a discussion about searching for that staff and how important that process was. In the midst of this I realized that God had strategically place Patrick & I together as a team. Here's a statement I have made many times, "His strengths are my weaknesses, and my strengths are his weaknesses." It has been very easy for us to operate in ministry because he completes me and I complete him.

Sometimes he needs a huge push to get going, and other times I need some one to put the brakes on because we're getting ready to crash! He stinks at organization, I thrive on it. I stink at being diplomatic, he's an expert! His skills regarding the details aren't so hot, I'm not sure the last time a detail was able to slip past me. My skills in the public speaking could use some work, he flows beautifully. This list could continue, but I think you get the idea!

We are so blessed that we are opposite! Don't get me wrong, this blessing hasn't come without it's obstacles, but we are still blessed regardless of the bumps in the road. So, for that wife that is just sitting back doing nothing, hanging on your husbands arm, looking pretty and being the perfect pastors wife, but deep down you have so much more to offer, and yet you hold back. May I recommend you let go, stop holding back, and allow God to use you however He wants. Team ministry is an incredible thing. Try it sometime, you might find out you thrive on it!!!

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