Thursday, October 9, 2008

Food for thought...


Let's look at an example of each of these:

Absolute--Stealing is wrong because the bible says it is.

Standard--I am to live a "holy" life because "God is Holy"

Conviction--I don't go to pg-13 or above movies. Too much language and/or nudity. (For that matter I don't go to PG movies without screening them first!)

Here's the catch in this simple little lesson. We must make sure our personal convictions as Pastors or even Christians don't become absolutes that we "preach" to our congregations or friends. Just because I'm not okay going to a particular movie, that doesn't mean that everyone else can't go to it either. That would make my conviction an absolute.

Who makes Absolutes? God. And since last time I checked, I wasn't God, (I know it's hard to believe, but don't let this crush your world!!) :-) I can't make absolutes. The absolutes that are created by God are what sets standards for us and leads to personal convictions. Consider the examples above. In order to live what I consider a "Holy" life, I don't attend movies that I believe influence me in a negative way. Therefore, my personal convictions, help me achieve the standards I believe God would have me live up to.

The key here is understanding that convictions and standards are personal between God and an individual. Absolutes are between God and His creation. Absolutes never change. Standards and convictions vary across the globe.

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