Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is your door open?

Out of simple circumstance I have recently been put in a position that has required me to be in touch with Pastors in my area. I will have to say this has not been an easy task.

Biggest obstacle? Can't find them! There's no one at the church. No numbers to contact them just leave a message on an ancient answering machine. OMG!

Next obstacle, when I do locate a pastor, it's next to impossible to have a moment with them. Now, I'm not talking about having an in depth counseling session. I'm talking about five to ten minutes of information exchange. I have found that pastors are too busy doing their "work" to talk to me.

I certainly don't negate that as pastors we must set aside time to prepare for our services. But if our time preparing for services has turned us into people who live in a bubble. I have to wonder if we are truly being effective. Can we even relate to the "real" world that our congregations experience everyday?

I feel that an open door policy is a must have in ministry. What's your opinion?

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